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 To activate your service you’ll need:


1/ Your new Barefoot SIM card

2/ Your Barefoot account number

New SIM number, not sure where to find this

Barefoot account number

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Would you like to keep your existing number or to get a new number?

Existing mobile number

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The account number of your current mobile service provider

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Important things to know…


1. Porting your existing mobile number to Barefoot Telecom can take up to 24 hours once you’ve clicked the “Activate” button. Activation will only occur during business hours: Monday-Friday (8AM-8PM AEST) & Saturdays (10AM-6PM AEST) – there is no porting on Sundays or national public holidays..

2. The SIM card number is printed on the SIM card that you would have received in the post. The SIM card number is nine (9) digits long, and for example, looks like 4649 1234 5N. When entering the SIM card number in the activation form, please exclude the letter at the end.

3. Once you’ve clicked the “Activate” button, DO NOT PUT THE BAREFOOT SIM CARD IN YOUR PHONE IMMEDIATELY. You will know your mobile service is active with Barefoot when the SIM card with your previous mobile provider no longer works – you will also receive an SMS and email confirming the activation. When this occurs, place your new Barefoot SIM card in your phone and turn your phone on. If it is not active straight away, turn your phone on and off every 10 minutes or so. If after an hour it is still not active, please contact us on 1300 017 622 or email support@barefoottelecom.com.au.

Drop us a line

Address: PO Box 7273 Wetherill Park NSW 2164

Phone: 1300 017 622

Email: support@barefoottelecom.com.au


Want to see the fine print?

You can read all of our Important Stuff documents here


Support Operating Hours:

8:30am to 7:00pm

Monday - Saturday